This is getting good

I’m only looking to purchase a short sale I believe. I’ve seen a condo go for $50k but I couldn’t afford the HOA. Maybe a manufactured home on a lot. Preferably something close to downtown Seattle thou. Or an auction once I get my loan. I want to have a lot of patience timing the right buy. Eventually I may come into money and may want to purchase commercial property wholesale? Something like even a parking lot that just generates revenue. Looking to host AirBnB and hire a maid at this point or get a place even to rent out the other rooms with enough of them to make it worthwhile and live rent free. My family owns 2 houses on 1 lot and rents the other out. They are selling eventually but are in Wilmington, NC reaching retirement. I’m 37, single, no kids, coming out of 20 years of psych and living in a shelter. Just got a job at Halal Guys for the time being promising thou. I have some good trio of leads coming to fruition after the holidays for a better job. I’ve been in Seattle for about a month now. So, sorry. Working on my issues. Family’s not a big thing for me as I probably won’t be able to settle down until another 5 years everything going right. No investments. But I did my diligent research and am starting to pay off my 35k of debt and got a self loan CD and a secured card started this month. My buddy from back in the day started the CiX app connectedinvestors, Ross Hamilton and an old crush just got into real estate too. Kendra Gately. All out of Wilmington. They’re both Realtors. Something I was thinking about certifying in but that’s another story. I’m troxs I just started that nicknames blogs .com and am coming out of being sick working on my anon issues. My name’s kind of a curse. Tim Hee Langenderfer. Means landholder in a small city. Coming out of Austria and Germany too.  I’m Latin, Arabic, European, and Asian from least to greatest genetically. Don’t have much LinkedIn with family but will be doing a 23&me to meet some… I’m a 3rd degree away from Trump. I’ve been Timothy Rok dba Timmy Junior im saving that .com and now Timmy Pease just now. Finding something to roll around the tongue easily I lolol have probably said too much. I wrote a book. 😀 lolol the books not done yet. Merry christmas

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